Thursday, January 29, 2009

Interim Digital Britain report is out

The interim digital report is out.You can read the full version here at the department of culture's website.

The report produces a 22 action plan with its main areas of interest being being the creation of a total braod band solution covering the whole of the country by 2012 using a mixture of fixed,mobile and wireless technology with a service up to 2mg.

Allied to that a crackdown on ISP's supporting illegal down loads and file sharing and a relook at the issue of copy right.

Foe digital radio there is a pledge to committ at a future time to analogue switch off but it is unclear what that time frame will be.

For Channel 4 the government comes out in support for the service and recommends an alliance with BBC Worldwide as opposed to any merger with Channel 5.

For public service broadcasting in general,there is a belief that the market will deliver some of the content but excepting that there will be areas where intervention will be necessary to deliver.

On the subject of local and regional news the door has been firmly opened for the newspaper industry to be involved in the debate with over broadcast regional news.

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