Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Internet war is the future

Do read Bob Piper's synopsis of the coverage of the conflict in Gaza and his wise words at the end

Even the Israeli Government with its almost total disregard for international opinion know the images of fatalities in Gaza will be very powerful, and they have done everything they can to prevent the media getting in, whilst at the same time showing graphic images of the impact of missiles in Southern Israel.


technology moves on. The power of internet and e-mail means that people can get a worldwide distribution of their images out into the world within minutes of an explosion. The various Iraqi bloggers were able to paint graphic pictures of life inside a war zone, and the same thing is happening in Gaza. The revolution may not be televised, but the internet war is the future.

Spot on Bob-Transparency is everything and new media means that there is nowhere to hide

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dr droock said...

Very nice. You are spot on.

So..if information is available, doesn't the journo's job become telling the story, instead of finding the story?

And shouldn't that mean that journos can stop looking up, and start looking down to the people they really serve?