Monday, January 26, 2009

Maybe Jarvis has a point

I don't believe that Jeff Jarvis is behind my reasoning for Britain or for that matter America putting public funding into journalism.

But he does make a good argument of where the money should go in the digital economy over at Buzz machine.

broadband and technology development. An investment there will do more for the future of news than any dollar, euro, or pound given to keep presses rolling.
he says and maybe this in all his reasoning is the most important reason why

Advertisers will have no excuse but to go online, when most everyone is there and when it can serve rich media beyond the banner.

Now far by me to disagree with Jarvis,in fact his digital solution may be the ideal but it needs to be backed by monies that direct the technology to all and not just the affluent community.Otherwise there is a danger in all this of creating a digital divide.

Better though than giving 18 year olds free subscriptions

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