Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Storyvault-capturing the memories of social history

Former ITV executive Stuart Prebble has launched a social history and genealogy networking website. is promoted as a chance to preserve the remarkable memories of friends and families so that future generations can enjoy them and learn from them.

This from the site

StoryVault encourages users to interview a friend or family member, usually on video, and to upload the content into the site. You can then mark some content as "private", accessible only for chosen friends or family, or you can make them available for the wider world. Over years StoryVault will develop into an invaluable record of your own family's history, and also as a resource for anyone interested in any historical event.

Amongst the stories on there

1.A very emotional John Mitchell talks about how, a year after he had flown home from the Suez Canal zone, he heard the news that two good friends has tragically lost their lives - on a flight home havi

2.James WHO was a Major in Berlin and among his responsibilities was taking care of Hitler's former deputy, Rudolf Hess. He met Hess frequently, and tells of the extraordinary relationship between

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